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Al-Wafd reports on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s alleged withdrawal from the Middle East Council of Churches. The Coptic Orthodox Church has yet to officially announce this decision.
  ‘Abd al-Wahāb Sha‘bān suggests that intellectuals’’ overuse of the term “citizenship” has led to a fake face of enlightenment without underlying substance.
The Copts United Website honors al-Wafd for its efforts regarding Coptic issues.
Dr. al-Birrī is an Azhar scholar who believes that ‘Abd al-Nāsir’s regime was behind sectarianism in Egypt, and that the sectarian problems are a result of ignorance that dominate Muslims and Christians of Egypt.
Rev. Safwat al-Bayyādī is head of the Community Council of the Coptic Evangelical Church. He expresses his views about sectarianism in Egypt and related issues.
Al-Wafd interviews Jamāl As‘ad, a Christian thinker, asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Under the pretext of desiring to resolve the Coptic problem, some chose to exploit the situation by organizing protests, igniting sectarian disputes among Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian society. Some do this for personal benefit, such as fame and money.       
An article noting the remarks made by Mustafá al-Fiqī to the Middle East Churches conference on sectarian strife and education.
Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī reflects on the reality of sectarian conflict in Egypt.
Samīr Marqus warns of division and calls for a radical end to extremism and sectarian conflict in Egypt, stressing the importance of the education system and the media.


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