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The Coptic Orthodox Church sent a congratulatory letter to the Shaykh of al-Azhar and the Grand Muftī and some political figures in which Pope Tawadros II congratulated Muslims on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr ('Amād Khalīl, al-Masrī al-Yawm, Aug. 9). Read original text in Arabic.
  The “an appeal to all patriots, freedom of the press is in danger” conference held at the Syndicate of Journalists, has launched a fierce attack on the Shūrá Council’s committee for the selection of editors-in-chief of national newspapers.  
Cairo Urgent Affairs Court banned the leaders of the former NDP (National Democratic Party) from running in all the coming elections. 
Both al-Tagamu’ and al-Mu’tamar political parties decided to endorse al- Sīsī in the coming presidential race. 
Islamist politicians welcomed the United Nations’ Security Council’s decision to impose a ban on cooperation and trade with the “Islamic State” (ISIS) and Jabhat al- Nusrah. 
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