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Bishop Būla was commenting on statements by Muḥammad al-Sāwī, a member of the assembly, that he was representing the church on the panel. “I am afraid these statements were attributed to him (Sāwī) by mistake.”
Egyptian MP Mona Munīr has required a prompt account regarding the June-22 edition of the Egyptian daily newspaper al-Dustūr who had published on its front-page football players drawn in the Coptic iconic art, including a caption saying “Your blessings upon us, Virgin Mary!”
Muhammad Habīb, the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Guide,spoke to the Turkish newspaper Zaman about the popularity of the group and criticized Mubārak for relying on foreign aid.
Al-Qaradāwī’s controversial statements about the perils of the Shī‘ah’s promulgation in Sunnī countries took the author back to a dispute that took place between Muslim scholars in the sixth hijrī century.
The article reports on a parliamentary session in which a law on banning the arrangement of rallies in places of worship was approved.
The article reports that the new U.S. ambassador in Egypt Mrs. Margaret Scobey will start her tasks in the next week.
In the early hours of last Thursday, following a day-long debate, the People’s Assembly approved, by a hefty majority, a new bill designed to regulate the activities of some 15,000 registered non-governmental organizations (NGOs). However, the bill did not go down well with 11 opposition deputies...
The People’s Assembly’s Culture Committee was the scene of stormy debates this week over the Culture Ministry’s plans to organize a celebration marking the advent of the next millennium. Among other questions that the Culture Minister Farouk Hosni was asked, was this one: "The celebration will be...
NGO representatives and activists for human and women’s rights stepped up their campaign this week against the proposed NGO law in a bid to prevent it from being passed by the People’s Assembly. NGOs believe that the bill infringes upon their autonomy and inhibits civil action.
A bill that regulates NGO activities has been approved in principle by the People’s Assembly. The bill faced severe criticism, with independent and opposition deputies arguing that the bill was at the expense of civil rights and political freedoms because it obstructs the formation of certain NGOs...


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