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In his speech during a celebration marking the anniversary of the death of late Pope Shinūdah III, at the monastery of St. Mary [al-Siryān] in Wādī al-Natrūn, Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawādrūs II said that late Pope Shinūdah was biblically experienced in theological dialogues.
The Coptic Christian Youth Movement called on Pope Tawādrūs II, and Bishop Raphael, the Secretary General of the Holy Synod, to hold accountable the Coptic Orthodox priests who allow holding election propaganda inside churches.
Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawādrūs II said that Islam in Egypt is moderate, and does not call for violence.
Bishop Bīshūy, Metropolitan of Damietta, Kafr El Sheikh, and Barrari, as well as head of the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Damiana for nuns, dedicated an article to the mystery of reincarnation, through which God expresses his love for humankind. The article was published in “al-Karāza”...
On January 19, Christians in Egypt will be celebrating Epiphany – or as people usually call in Egypt “al-Ghuṭās” ­– in commemoration of Jesus’ baptism by the hand of John in the waters of the Jordan. Epiphany is characterised by several ceremonies in Egypt, such as eating taros and sugar canes, and...
The Coptic Orthodox and Coptic Evangelical churches organized a conference on innovative ways to simplify the Bible study for ordinary people.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, led by Pope Tawādrūs II, has launched a strong campaign against practicing FGM spread in some areas of Egypt.
With the increasing marriage crises among Christians and intense demands for divorce and obtaining permits for re-marriage, the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church decided to obligate those who want to get marriage permits to attend and pass pre-marriage counselling courses. These courses...
 Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawādrūs of Alexandria, accompanied by other bishops, ordained Sister Jūlā Marzūq as Nun Silwānah in the nunnery of St. Mercurius, known as Abū Sayfayn Nunnery, in Old Cairo, after she spent a period on probation in the same nunnery. 
On 2nd. Epip [Abīb] of the Coptic Calendar, coinciding with July 9 of this year, the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. Thaddeus [Tadā’ūs] who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. 


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