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A newspaper publishes false news about the Grand Imām’s alleged intervention to bring back a young man who has proclaimed Islam. The newspaper further refused to publish a retraction or the Grand Imām’s denial of the previously published news.
This article summarizes the acts of Sheikh Tayyib and Bishop Istephanos concerning the issue of a young Christian man’s conversion to Islam.  
The article reports that the Church’s legal advisor Najīb Jibrā’īl submitted his proposed new draft law for adoption to the Islamic Research Academy to give its opinion on it and that Nabīl Lūqā Bībāwī made a request to the Azhar Grand Shaykh to nominate him for the State Appreciation Award.
For the second time, Dr. Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī suggested his proposed law for non Muslims’ personal status affairs be discussed at the Azhar. However, the Azhar refused to discuss the law, which it considered a private concern for non-Muslims.
The grand Imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muḥammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī calls for dialogue in discussing and criticizing Fatwás, rejecting the insult and attack method used by some Shaykhs to respond to the controversial Fatwás that they do not like.
The Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy holds an extra-ordinary meeting to decide on the issue of recognizing the Bahā’ī faith.
The Islamic Research Institute began following up Internet sites that attack Islam in order to respond to misinformation being published about Islam. The General Secretary of the Institute asked Muslims who use the Internet to inform the institute if they come across any site of that kind.
The Azhar is imposing bans on books in Arabic and in English claiming that they contradict Islamic principles.
Calls for the Azhar to respond to the provocative caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that were published in the Danish press and which enraged Islamic communities.
Report of the Azhar’s response to an attack on the Prophet in the Danish media.


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