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Ismā’īl Pasha who ruled Egypt from 1863 to 1879 decided to give women the right to education. He established the first school for Muslim girls in Cairo, and in the entire Near East. 
Recently published by the Dār al-Battāna Publication House are two books of the Egyptian thinker and writer Dr. Khālid Muntaṣir.  The two books titled ‘Lakum Salafkum wa Lī Salafī’ (You have your own predecessors and I have mines), and the second book ‘Al-Khitān wa al-ʿUnf ḍid akl-Marʾah (‘Female...
It seems that the distortion of historical statues scattered in the squares and entrances of Egyptian cities is a series that will not end soon. Every month, it is announced that one of the statues is distorted in the Egyptian governorates. Officials of the al-‘Umrāniyyah in Giza gained controversy...
Rosetta, one of the most famous ancient Egyptian cities, is a port city of the Nile Delta. The discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 during the French Napoleon Bonaparte’s campaign marked the beginning of deciphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and civilizations. Due to its historical and...
Together with the International Drama Institute without Borders, the Writers’ Union of Egypt signed a protocol of cooperation with the objectives of giving impetus to the translation movement and promoting workshops of creativity between German and Egyptian writers of all literature genres.
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Rahmān reports on the increasing number of Islamic satellite channels, believing they seek money and fame rather than the genuine da‘wah of Islam.
The article discusses the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in universities and how the group is the most active and effective within university campuses despite the fact that political activities are forbidden in universities
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Rahmān discusses in this article rumors, which he considers the gravest danger faced by the Egyptian government today.
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