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The opinions of different sheikhs and Muslim scholars concerning whether the participation of Arabs in the Knesset is permitted according to the Shari´a or not.
The General director of the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) speaks about the role of the organization and comments on the problems facing the Islamic world.
Interview with the president of the Islamic Organization for Education, Sciences and Culture on the importance of inter-religious dialogue. He believes such dialogue would solve the problems of the modernization of life through a unified Islamic perspective.
Islam set clear guidelines for human rights hundreds of years prior to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Islam respects human rights regardless of creed, sex or color.
At a time when all the nations in the world are trying to overthrow tyrannical regimes and replace them with sound democratic ones, extremists are interpreting democracy as blunt atheism, and claiming that it replaces the rule of God with that of man.
It is not acceptable from Muslims to invoke or pray for curses to befall on non-Muslims, for that was not what Prophet Muhammad used to do with his enemies, said Muftī of the Republic Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a in an interview.
Throughout their history, Muslims have never encountered what is now called women’s issues regarding work, political participation or any other aspect, neither during the age of Islamic glory, nor during the stages of weakness, said Mufti of the Republic ‘Alī Jumca in an interview
In the symposium of “The heavenly religions and the Arabic identity,” the Sheikh of the Azhar said that heavenly religions came for all human beings and do not have any relation to the Arabic identity or any other identity. Pope Shenouda said that religions should have a universal direction and...
Dr. Nabil Luqa Bebawi´s book "Islam spread by the sword: true or false?" reviews the history of the spread of Islam since the Prophet till the fourth caliph. The book can be considered a historical testimony that Islam is a religion of love and peace and has never been a religion of violence...
Dr. Abdel-Rahman Salam refutes that Islam spread by the sword. He says that the call to Islam is based on wisdom, fair exhortation and choice and that Islam did not know real expansion except in time of peace. He explains that the aim of the conquests Muslims carried out was not to spread Islam but...


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