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Khayrat al-Shātir, Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) Murshid, said in his first announced conferencem, that developing the MB consists of several steps that will take some time to achieve. He added that the MB's Murshid assigned him the mission of developing the group and the MB's work.  
Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Dr. Muhammad Badī‘ has met with various Muslim brothers in different governorates to research the idea of legitimizing the outlawed organization. "Badī discussed how to impose the legitimacy of the Muslim Brotherhood on society, as well as on the regime," an unnamed...
The Secretary General of the Islamic World Organization Prof. ‘Abd Allah Ibn ‘Abd al-Muhsin al-Turkī reflects on the vital role played by Islamic universities throughout the globe; specifically in Saudi Arabia, in activating the dialogue between the Islamic world and the West.
The authors report the situation of facing the swine flu in Egypt during ‘Umrah and traditional mawlids.
Muhammad Khalīl interviews Stella van de Wetering, professor of Islamic Studies in the Netherlands.
The article tracks the Azhar’s reaction to Dr. Nabīl Lūqā Bībāwī’s proposal to delete the word ’raid’ from documents pertaining to Islamic heritage and replace it with the term ’military encounter’.
The article sheds light on the annual meeting of the Azhar-Vatican Dialogue Committee to be held at the Vatican.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat interviews Dr. Arsalan Qarjal, member of the Dutch Muslim Council.
This article deals with the controversy stirred recently among the Azhar’s clerics over the fatwá giving women the legitimate right to beat their husbands.
Muhammad Khalīl interviews Yūsuf Hājar, secretary-general of the Islamic Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean regarding Islam’s image in the West.


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