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The author refutes Maḥmūd Shākir’s attacks on Judaism and Christianity by citing Qur’ānic verses and moderate interpretations of the Qur’ān that admire both Christians and Jews.
Egyptian literature has witnessed several religious debates. The article presents an example of these debates and sheds light on the first novel on the human values of the Crucifixion, written by a Muslim Egyptian entitled, ‘Qariyah Zālimah’ [Unjust Village].
The author criticizes the Libyan President al-Qadhdhāfī’s attacks against Christianity, calling for the respect of each others right to differ as the basis for a constructive inter-religious dialogue.
The author discusses the second article of the Egyptian Constitution.
The author deals with the period that saw Dr. Butrus Ghālī, who is presently hospitalized in Paris, as Secretary General of the United Nations, his efforts to reform the world body and the obstacles he encountered in making his "utopian league of nations" a reality.
The article presents a short overview of the personal and professional life of Anwar Luqa.
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