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The author attacks a satellite TV channel MTA, saying it aims at distorting the principles of Islam.
After Compass Direct claimed Ingy Edwar, a young Christian woman, was kidnapped, AWR made its own research. AWR found no evidence she was kidnapped.
List of articles on Christmas. The articles touch upon the spiritual connotations and values of the birth of Jesus Christ and praise the decision of President Mubarak in establishing January 7 as a national holiday for Muslims and Christians.
Criticism of a documentary film on the Holy Virgin aired by the B.B.C. The film claims that Mary was not a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ and that Jesus was the outcome of a relationship she had with a Roman leader.
Much greater concern than usual has been paid to Christmas in the Egyptian press thanks to President Mubarak?s decision concerning January 7. A list of Christmas articles is given.
List or articles printed in Al-Hayat and Asharq Al-Awsat and October magazine on the passing of Prof. Dr. Annemarie Schimmel.
List of the articles commenting on President Mubarak?s decision that Coptic Christmas day is a national holiday. The decision is highly praised and welcomed.
This week?s articles on ?Knight Without a Horse? discuss the main character in the series, and the ?Protocols of the Elders of Zion.? They report the demonstrations took place in Morocco because the series was banned. A list of the articles is given.
Pope Shenouda said that America does not need his statement to the Lions Club to know about the conditions of Copts and use it against the Egyptian government. He does not deny his dissatisfaction concerning the elections. He feels that his speaking out on such an issue may have released some of...
Pope Shenouda issued a statement to the members of Cairo Lions Club that what the constitution says about the equality between Muslims and Christians is one thing and the actual fact of the matter is another. He added that Copts have the right to be represented fairly in the Parliament. Some papers...


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