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Robert al-Fāris documents sectarian clashes since the early 20th century until the present.
An interview with Rev. Ashraf Sahwqī, pastor of the Evangelical Church of al-Ma‘ādī, about marriage and divorce in Christianity.
The following presents a review of a book on the conventional reconciliation sessions usually held to resolve sectarian tensions in Egypt as a way of dealing with the issue.
Robert al-Faris scans the Egyptian press for interesting articles. He comments on the alarming rise in sectarian violence which was tackled by Ibrāhim ‘Īsá in al-Dustūr. He also mentions an article in al-Misrī al-Yawm entitled ’Converting to Christianity ... a calm discussion of a sensitive topic’...
A report about a conflict between the Orthodox patriarchate and the St. Barbara committee over Coptic graves in Old Cairo.
Robert al Faris reviews the Cairo press this month and picks up on the coverage of Marwa al-Shirbini’s killing in Germany.
The author refers to a recent book written by the Coptic writer Midhat Bishāy entitled ‘‘Almānīyūn Aqbāt ‘Alá Ajnihat al-Būm’ [Copts Laymen on the Owls’ Wings].
The article comments on a visit to Egypt by a senior Vatican official, noting that he was unable to meet with either Pope Shenouda or Sheikh Tantawi of the Azhar. The official did, however, quote on the situation of Christians in the Middle East, saying they suffered from persecution because of...
Monk Egelious Ava Mina speaks about monks’ life in the Coptic Orthodox Church and provides information about his talent as a photographer.
The author highlights some facts regarding the confiscated book "God Calling"


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