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Robeir al-Faris provides a round up of the Cairo press this month. He covers the case of the murder trial of Marwa al-Shirbīni which is taking place in Germany, looking in particular at an article written by Ibrāhīm Isá in al-Dustūr that reflects on the Egyptian reaction to the case. Al-Faris also...
The article sheds light on a book published in 1948 which introduces the story of three Coptic popes who accessed this office contrary to the church canons.
al-Faris writes of the isolation of Copts in Society, the need for more churches, and the controversial 'Master Yacoub'.
The article sheds light on the Holy Synod decree banning the widespread book, ‘God Calling’.
Pope Shenouda visited St. Macarius monastery twice in the month of May.
Rev. Tharwat Qādis, former head of the Synod of the Nile [the Evangelical Church of Egypt] speaks about the reality of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, about the dialogue committee and other relevant issues.
The article investigates the accusations of corruption that have been directed against Bishop Armiā, the pope’s secretary, by the Copts of Fresno, north California.
Robeir al-Faris commends increased attention to Coptic matters in the print media, and hopes visual media will follow. He also denounces media misreporting of the Zaytūn church bombing. Faris praises what he describes as the only writer who spoke out against those claiming that President Obama’s...
The author reports that Bishop Armyā of the Coptic Orthodox Church sent away the team of Evangelical channel Sat7 and permitted Coptic Orthodox Channels only to cover a concert that took place in Saint Mark Cathedral.
An interview with Bishop Mūsá, bishop of youth, concerning some different issues.


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