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Watani questioned the security expert General Fū’ad Allam about the recent terrorist attack in al-Zaytun for his opinion on the incident.
Robeir al-Faris comments on two issues featuring Copts that have appeared in the Egyptian press recently. The first is related to a campaign to boycott Coptic companies while the second concerns a lawyer’s attempt to have the finance minister removed from office after he found a cross sign on the...
The article discussed the existence of discriminatory religious material in the school curriculum in Egypt.
Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, priest of Virgin Mary Church in Musturud, responds to the charges and allegations mentioned in the book by Dr. Hinīn ‘Abd al-Masīh, ’Kunt Urthūdhuksyyan wa al-Ān Ubsir; Bahth Kitābī Tārīkhī Taqsī ‘an ‘Ibādat al-Asnām fī al- Kanīsah al-Urthudhuksīyah’ [I was Orthodox...
An interview with Dr. Hinīn ‘Abd al- Masīh, the author of the book, Kunt Urthūdhuksyyan wa al-Ān Ubsir; Bahth Kitābī Tārīkhī Taqsī ‘an ‘Ibādat al-Asnām fī al-Kanīsah al- Urthudhuksīyah’ [I was Orthodox but now I see; a Biblical Historical and Ritual Research on Idolatry in the Orthodox Church].
A new book by a pharmacist accuses the Orthodox church of worshipping idols.
The author presents Saint Kyrillos as he was depicted in Coptic and encyclopedic sources.
The author comments on articles from the Egyptian press this month, in particular stories about houses of worship and the unified law for houses of worship and the second anniversary of the constitutional amendments.
Robeir al-Faris reviews the controversial new film One-Nil.
The author reviews stories from the Egyptian press over the last month. The articles he picks up on include a story about Christian Qur’ānic readers, a Muslim carpenter that make crucifixes and the tale of a convert to Islam who believes the church is hiding his family to prevent them from...


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