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The Coptic Catholic Church’s Holy Synod concluded its periodic meeting in the Diocese of Luxor, on Sunday, with the attendance of Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, members of the Coptic Catholic Holy Synod, priests, monks and nuns serving the Upper-Egyptian diocese. 
  The Monastery of St. Bīshūy in Egypt’s Wādī al-Natrūn has announced that the ordination ceremony of seven new bishops will be limited to holders of official invitations issued by the Church.  
In cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS) launched a campaign to preserve the environment.
The Coptic Orthodox St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, and other churches, will be holding more than 46 spiritual sermons and masses from August 7 to 22 to celebrate the fast of St. Mary which ends with the feast of her Assumption, according to the Coptic Orthodox tradition.
During the inauguration of the Abū Bakr al-Siddīq Cultural Camp in Alexandria for training imams and preachers Sunday evening, Egyptian Minister of Endowments [Awqāf] Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿah said the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs is taking giant steps in publishing books to correct...
The Undersecretary of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Turin and Rome, Fr. Theophilus al-Siryānī, participated in the celebration of the blessing of the icon of the Holy Family Journey to Egypt by Pope Francis held in the Vatican in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
A church source, declined to be named, said Fr. Bīgūl of St. Mary’s Monastery [al-Muḥarraq] in Asyūt [Assuit] is most probably to be the successor of Bishop Sāwīrūs, who passed away on July 21. 
Hegumen Fr. Ruways Murqus, General Deputy of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral and official spokesman of the Church in Alexandria, has announced that on Saturday a three-day training program has been launched for the churches servants and families of persons with specific needs, suffering from physical...
General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church and its spokesperson in Alexandria, Ruways Murqus, said that the Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral and all the churches of the north coastal city of Egypt will be decorated with palm fronds and wheat sticks during the Holy Week. 
Dr. Andrea Zakī, the deputy head of the Coptic Evangelical Church, said that the Egyptian society is not yet ready to accept the candidacy of a Copt or a woman for presidency, although it is a good thing from a theoretical perspective. "The church does not pay attention to some mysterious...


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