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The author interviews Jamāl al-Bannā, brother of Haṣan al-Bannā who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, on a number of issues relevant to Egyptian society today, including Muslim-Christian relations.
The temple lottery adopted in electing the pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church is not an original way of choosing the pope. The author gives the historical background on the origin of the process of choosing popes.
Shīrīn Rāghib presents the recommendations from the laymen conference and asserts that the Coptic Orthodox Church is not going to consider the recommendations and will stay a center of power for clergymen.
This article indicates that the Patriarchal Election Statutes of 1928 violate the church’s traditions.
The controversial Islamic writer Jamāl al-Bannā reveals his views on the reasons behind religious violence, ijtihād and Islamic conquests.
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