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The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Counsellor Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Wahāb Khafāja, confirmed the ruling to ban non-specialists from issuing religious fatwas, and restricting pulpits from preaching without a license from al-Azhar, Egypt’s highest religious authority, or the Ministry of Awqāf.
State Commissioner's Authority’s recommendations to the Administrative Judiciary Court was to cancel the press reshuffle decided by the Shūrá Council on September 2012.
On the other hand, the Būlāq Abū al-'Ilā Court of Misdemeanor on Saturday (February 11) set the March 3 session to give a ruling on the case of disdaining religion in which Coptic tycoon Najīb Sawirus. Lawyers for the plaintiffs claimed the sum of LE100,001 in compensations from Sawirus and said...
The High Administrative Court will convene on 10 October to discuss a challenge submitted by Jama’a al-Islamiya, demanding that it be allowed to form its own political party. The Islamist group is challenging the decision of the Political Parties Committee, which recently rejected the group’s...
The Supreme State Security Court in Giza witnessed a rough squabble between the judges and a member of the defense counsel during the second trial of 48 suspects in Imbābah's fitnah. 
The secretary-general of the Council of State denies contacting the Azhar for a fatwá over those who temporarily convert to Islam.
Church leaders appealed to the state to have mercy on Muslims who converted to Christianity and requested that they be allowed the freedom of thought and belief as provided in the Constitution.
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