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Abu Fana Monastery and the issue of constructing houses of worship is discussed in this issue, as are U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf’s comments on Egypt’s human rights record.
This issue presents a number of articles that focus on the sensitive subject of Islamophobia and the perception of Islam in the West. The need for greater understanding is becoming more and more apparent, as considered in this issue.
A number of articles in this issue discuss the increase in Christian emigration rom the Arab world. Further articles discuss the contentious issue of the hijāb and niqāb in the schools and workplace.
This issue covers a number of topics dealing again with the freedom of expression. Pope Shenouda discusses the need for Arab unity to address the tensions in the Middle East, and Max Michel publishes a book critiquing the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The importance of translation and its impact on expanding knowledge and building inter-cultural bridges is focused on, as well as the upcoming launch of the Electronic Network for Arab West Understanding.
The following article discusses the exaggerated interpretations of some Western Christians about the position of Christians in Egypt.
An article compares Salman Rushdie to Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm because both threaten the stability of the Arab world. A female PhD student was denied access to AUC’s library for wearing a niqāb.
Dr. Cornelis Hulsman is nominated by Bishop Morcos for the World Alliance of Christian Communication’s peace award. Articles continue on the recent ILO report which claimed that Copts are discriminated against in Egypt.
The following issue presents a number of articles on the increasing tensions between the Arab world and the West, particularly with regards to issues of freedom of expression.
The fatal stabbing of an Egyptian woman in a German courtroom arouses anger and indignation in Egypt, and the changing of the historic name of a Coptic village in Upper Egypt also causes widespread angry reaction among Egyptians.


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