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This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
I have recently noticed newspapers belonging to religious parties appear on the stands, which is fine as long they observe national principles, but I am afraid there might appear Christian newspapers to confront the Islamist ones, writes Usāmah Salāmah, Editor-in-Chief of Rose al-Yūsuf magazine.
Usāmah Salāmah writes that the government is facing a critical challenge, either it will succeed in establishing a civil state or they will give up, and then we can call it the death of a civil state. He believes that it is necessary to have a law that criminalizes all forms of discrimnation. Only...
Salāmah says that national unity has truly manifested itself in that Muslims and Copts both suffer extremist fatwás. His comment refers to Pope Shenouda III’s previous prohibition on elective surgery and his recent statement prohibiting abortion in rape victims, comparing it to the Azhar’s similar...
Usāmah Salāmah reflects on Bishop Bīshūy’s recent interview with al-Misrī al-Yawm. He accuses him of being sectarian and of enforcing sectarianism.
The author traces and analyzes the sectarian incidents during 2009 in Egypt to explore and predict the situation in 2010.
A new suggestion that may relieve the severity of tension between Christians and Muslims in the regard of conversion from and to both sides.
The author comments on Bishop Bīshūy’s book responding to ‘Azāzīl.
Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism should set the example for conversion in Egypt. Blair’s conversion took place after a long period of preparation and catechism. In spite of the bloody history of the relations between the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church, neither of the churches have...
Usāmah Salāmah comments on Zaydān’s novel, ’‘Azazīl’.


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