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Shaykh Sa’īd al-Rūbī, a leading member of the Salafī Da’wah (Call), large segments of the Egyptian people are for the implementation of the Islamic sharī’ah despite the appearance of some “hypocrites” on satellite channels to propagate fears about the sharī’ah.
 Bishop Bula of Tantā, the spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church and a member of the nominations committee for the papal elections, said the committee is still working in Wādī al-Natrūn, adding the announcement of the seven names that will vie over the chair of Saint Mark is not expected this...
The Vatican, during a weekly sermon by Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church, in which he used Arabic for the first time in a bid to have larger communication with Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, expressed concerns about the emigration of the region’s Christians for their own...
Several Christians in Syria voiced insistence on staying on their own soil despite all the sanguinary incidents in the violence-struck country for 19 months now but also said they have concerns about their fate once the Islamists made it to power.
Also, Mahmūd al-Sharīf, Chairman of the Syndicate of al-Ashrāf (Descendants of the Prophet Muhammad), and Rev. Dr. Andrea Zakī, Director of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), sent a congratulatory cable to Pope Tawadros II.
Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church sent a congratulatory cable to Pope Tawadros II over his new spiritual post as Patriarch of Alexandria and the See of Saint Mark and wished peace in Egypt and the Middle East region.
The trial of a Salafī preacher and others on charges of disdaining Christianity started on Sunday (September 30) as the environs of the court saw clashes between Islamists supporting the defendants and Copts before the session was adjourned to October 14.
The Holy Synod is discussing on Thursday (November 8) preparations for the enthronement of Pope Tawadros II as the 118th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church as Bishop Bula of Tantā said that a meeting to be followed by a press conference will be held to expound on the investiture process.
Bishop Quzmān said the reports published about the displacement of Coptic families were “inaccurate,” adding the local residents of Sinai, including chieftains and clerics helped Christians in the governorate.
The Nasr City Court of Misdemeanor stopped the course of the trial of Salafī preacher Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh, alias Abū Islām, his son Islām and journalist Hānī Yāsīn pending a decision into a lawsuit filed by Abū Islām’s lawyer requesting change of the judges panel.
U.S. ambassador in Cairo Anne Patterson termed as “nonsense” statements by former Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Fayzāh Abū al-Najā who accused NGOs of working within a scheme to divide Egypt, adding it is the same “nonsense” that the United States backed the victory of...
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the 55-year-old producer of the anti-Islam film, appears before the federal court in the United States on Monday (October 8) on charges of violating conditions of parole in a banking swindle case.
Bīshūy Girgis, the six-year-old child who drew the paper from a crystal jar that included the name of Bishop Tawadrus and serves at the Mār Mīnā Church in al-Warrāq district, Giza, said he expected to draw the paper on which the name of Pope Tawadrus was written.
A vicar that was being groomed to be ordained as a priest in charge of a major church has announced that he converted to Islam.
Pope Tawadrus II, born Wajīh Subhī Bāqī on November 4, 1952, grew up in the governorate of Sohag. He later moved to the city of Damanhūr, al-Beheira governorate, in 1961 and in 1975 graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacology, Alexandria University.
He said that there are some “small” problems but it is not up to the level of “fitnah” (sedition), adding President Mursī is aware that each and every people has its own governing values that some might differ with but they must be respected after all. 
General ‘Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, and Lt. General Sidqī Subhī, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, sent congratulatory cables to Pope Tawadrus II and wished His Eminence success in buttressing national unity.
President Muhammad Mursī has reiterated that all Egyptians enjoy the same rights and duties and that there is no Christian minority in Egypt, said presidential spokesman Yāsir ‘Alī, commenting on U.S. President Barack Obama’s statements on Copts’ rights in Egypt. [Author Not Mentioned, al-Ahrām,...
Abū Islām, prior to referral to the court, said he meant to insult U.S. Pastor Terry Jones, who called for a so-called Qur’ān Burning Day, back.
North Sinai Governor Major General ‘Abd al-Fattāh Harhūr, after a tense meeting with the Copts in the border governorate, refused to allow them to leave the city under the pretext that there should be no succumbing to the terrorists.


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