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The Arab Networking for Human Rights Information launched an awareness campaign on the internet, identifying the field of work of human rights organizations.
Dr. Muḥammad Nūr Faraḥāt, professor of constitutional and international law, said that the youth movements do not have the adequate and required ability to propose alternatives in the current political scene, considering that the power possessed by the youth is limited to staging protests only.
Egyptian Political activist, Dr. Mamdūh Hamza, strongly criticized the country's media, claiming that what is currently broadcast on TV is what he considers 'a weapon directed against the people'.
Egyptian activist Shādi Ghazālī Harb posted a message on his twitter account saying: “Upon the request of the Iraqi Yazidi girl Nadia Murād, President Al-Sisi met her and vowed his support to all people living in Iraq . Bahā'īs and Shi'its, the minorities of Egypt, should be granted the same...
Al-Jazeera prominent journalist Ahmad Mansūr criticized the written statement of British Prime Minister David Cameron in which he described the Muslim Brotherhood “as possible indicator of extremism”. 
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