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The women in Behēra governorate, west of Cairo, cheered following the announcement of the Egyptian judiciary's ruling to cancel the annual celebration of the birth of the Jewish rabbi known as Abu Hasīra, whose tomb is in the village of Damtu in Behēra governorate.
The unprecedented inclusion of nine people with disabilities in the Egyptian parliament raises questions as to whether it will bring about legal advantages for such persons in Egypt.
"Managing a Facebook page without a license. That was the accusation they used to detain me,” the Egyptian caricaturist Islām Gawīsh told AL Montor in an interview from the Cairo International Book Fair Feb. 2, a few hours after his release. Gawīsh was at the fair to launch volume 2 of “Al-Waraqa...
The book “Tahrir: The last 18 days of Mubārak,” published in 2012, revealed what was secretly going on behind the scenes prior to President Husni Mubārak's famed resignation speech on Feb. 11, 2011. Most important among this information is the disassociation of the Egyptian military and...
A number of Egyptian women discuss why they have started to wear the niqāb.
A Muslim man was shocked when the Isma‘īlīyah Civil Registry office issued a birth certificate for his daughter stating her religion as Jewish rather than Muslim.
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