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The issue of church building in Egypt is among the most misunderstood and misreported subjects affecting Muslim-Christian relations.
One of AWR’s interns investigated the long-winded church building story of the "Coptic Evangelical" [Presbyterian] Church in Ma’ādī.
The need for unbiased media reporting is stressed in this article, as well as the media’s ability to fuel the flames of sectarian tension, or to appease a potentially volatile situation. The role of the media in social issues in Egypt is considered using a multitude of archived material from the...
The article presents a discussion on the process of church building in Egypt, demonstrates one church’s ability to rebuild a church without any hindrances, and the importance of preserving antiquities in Egypt.
An American missionary belonging to Operation Mobilization and nurse´s aid Bonnie Weatherall, 31, was found murdered at a Christian health clinic housed in the building of an Evangelical church in Sidon, a port city in southern Lebanon. There is much speculation as to what could have been the...
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