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For the third day in a row, Coptic children in the village of Daljā in the governorate of Minya were prevented from attending their schools in Dayr Muwās, due to the threat of kidnapping or death from members of the Muslim Brotherhood. One child has been kidnapped and his family asked for a ransom...
Pope Tawadros II ordained three new priests. Furthermore, in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper he stated that Egypt was and will remain the first defense line of the Arab Gulf States, hailing the stance taken by Saudi Arabic, Kuwait and the UAE as historic. The Pope stated that national...
In occasion of president al-Sīsī’s speech at the United Nations, the Egyptian Catholic Church announced that it will join the Egyptian Front Coalition in support for their president and the legitimacy of the 30th of June at the United Nations Plaza in New York on coming Thursday 25th of September.
 Today the Copts start the “big fast” that lasts for 55 days and will end on Easter on the 20th of April (Girgis Fikrī, al- Shurūq, Feb. 24, p. 1). Read original text in Arabic.   
Prime Minister Ibrahīm Mahlab met with the heads of the Evangelical Churches in the Middle East two days ago and head their opinions on the situation of Christians in the Middle East.
Pope Tawadros led in a church in Canada the prayers of the Nayrūz Feast (Coptic New Year) which was attended by a number of Coptic priests. 
Pope Tawadros stated that he is a student of  Pope Kyrillos and Pope Shenouda.
The Pope also warned against atheism, calling it a form of rebellion against God, the family and the self.
The Egyptian Coalition for Minorities has organized on Wednesday a collective iftār in the Jewish Synagogue , which was attended by representatives of religious minorities.
Hāttim Anan, the Head of the Anāniyah Sufī Order and brother of Samī Anān, former Chief of Staff,  has denied that Copts have boycotted the party that Samī Anān is planning to establish under the pretext of being involved in Maspero.  


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