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Father Philopater Jamīl, priest of the Virgin Mary Church in Faysal, Cairo, attacks the head of al-Hayāh [Life] Party Michael Munīr and accuses him of treason as he did not participate in August 24 demonstrations, which was called for by former Member of Parliament Muhammad Abū Hāmid.
Father Philopater Jamīl (suspended pastor and author of al-Katībah al-Tībiyyah) asked Bishop Bula, representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church, at the Consituent Assembly to respond to articles suggested by the Azhar about "offending divine self, prophets, and caliphs".   
A Coptic source, who preferred to remain anonymous, accuses Dr. 'Isām al-'Iryān , Member of Muslim Brotherhood's council and Spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood Group for the failure of talks between Copts and the Muslim Brotherhood group.
The Coptic Church has produced a film about Joachim and Anna, the Virgin Mary’s parents. The film is based on a book written by Yawāqīn Sanī Yacqūb, the priest of Virgin Mary, Joachim, and Anna Church in Minya. The film depicts the Jewish conception of sterile people. It also reflects Jewish...


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