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The Tagammu Party (the Patriotic Progressive Unionist Grouping; in Arabic: Hizb al Tagammu' al Watani al Taqadomi al Wahdawi) was established in 1976 to represent the leftist movement, which was born 1922 in the wake of the great national Revolution of 1919. This leftist movement struggled against...
Nabīl Zakī refutes the claims that Israel is a democratic and civilized state that accepts religious diversities, listing statements by Jewish rabbis as well as stances of Israeli movements that reject the existence of non-Jewish in Israel, which might nip any attempts of peace in the buds.
Nabīl Zakī, the author, says that the U.S. as well as Israel have been exploiting religion in serving their colonial policies in Palestine.
An extremist trend which calls for the alliance between Christianity and Judaism has gained tremendous influence in the United States.
Nabīl Zakī criticizes the U.S. Department of State’s report on the status of religious freedom in Israel and the occupied territories, believing that the report disregarded innumerable racial practices by the Israeli government against religious freedom.
Some people still consider women as a taboo, and should subsequently be avoided. Others believe that a woman working with men constitutes adultery and infidelity. Some Fatwás say that men shaking hands with a woman is Ḥarām, as are music and songs.
The article talks about the voices from the Jewish community in different countries that reject Israeli policies in the occupied territories. It also discusses the role of the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] that controls the public opinion in the U.S. and a holds great influence over the...
Nabīl Zakī reports about how the issue of human rights is being tackled in educational religious curricula.
The author of the article presents excerpts of the ideas that were discussed during the meeting held in Alexandria on human rights and renovation of religious discourse.
Nabīl Zakī analyses human rights violations committed by Egyptian police.


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