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A discussion on the number of Copts in different functions.
The last article in a series by the author about his dialogues with Americans on the issue of Coptic rights.
Three Egyptian Copts, including the author, went to Washington to meet with members of Congress. Sidhom reports about the results of those conversations. "We do not deny that the Copts have problems but we try to solve them internally."
The Copts of Britain express their agreement and willingness to participate in the meeting of the wise.
Christian journalist argues against the Church council’s report.
Watani published a letter of Dr. Selim Naguib, leader of the Canadian Coptic Association, who says Egyptians should understand why expatriate Copts are concerned with the situation in Egypt. Problems are being discussed but nothing is done to solve them. That needs to be discussed which should not...
The citizens of the Hosh Eissa are complaining that their church, which was closed down after a terrorist attack, has not been reopened for seven years now. The law governing the repair of churches was modified allowing governors, instead of the president, to make that decision. The modified law,...


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