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Shukrī looks at the recent government decision to slaughter all pigs in Egypt and the effects it will have on the garbage collectors who breed them.
Shukrī reports on three different issues related to Muslim-Christian relations. First he comments on the ruling regarding Christians who converted to Islam and now want to re-embrace Christianity. Secondly he comments on a Muslim that was killed by a Copt in Alexandria and finally he mentions the...
Shukrī reports on the recent sectarian incident against Bahā’ī citizens that took place in Upper Egypt.
The article looks at the aftermath of the sectarian violence in Ísna and comments on the statement from the Egyptians against Religious Discrimination group that condemns the incidents and suggests ways to avoid further sectarian tension in the future.
Nādir Shukrī of Waṭanī reports on the sectarian incidents that took place in the city of Isnā, in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena. He examines the damages as well as the Copts’ insistence to be compensated before ratifying the reconciliation with Muslims.
The author discusses the cases of two Coptic girls who have gone missing, while one has been reunited with her family the other is still missing.
The author discusses the problems that have arisen based on the Land Reclamation Law that was passed in 1961, and how this law is impacting Egyptians that were originally able to live on a lot of land allocated to them by a generous land-owner, who have thrice had their homes torn down since then.
The article discusses the postponement of a lawsuit filed by the Middle East Christians Association against the president of the republic, the prime minister, the interior minister, the justice minister, and the social solidarity minister demanding that the Coptic victims of al-Koshh receive...
Further incidents of sectarian sedition arise in al-Fayyūm following the destruction of a wall. Debates have been raised as to if the original building at the center of the controversy had been a church, or a school.
The author highlights the discriminatory practices regarding Egyptian identity cards, and the problems of changing one’s religion therein.


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