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  Fādīah ‘Abd al-Saīd migrated from Rafah to Asyut because she suffered under the harassment by terrorists despite the fact that Copts and Muslims were of one family in al-‘Arīsh and both wished to delete the box “Religion” in the national ID cards (
The Evangelist Synod in Cairo recently gathered to discuss remarks of Pastor Sāmih Maurice during his homily on the formation of a committee that deals with the topic of “gifts of the Holy Spirit”, which has led to resentment from evangelical Copts. 
A young girl and her mother proclaimed to convert to Islam. While the mother was changing her and her daughter’s documents, the father was travelling to Kuwait and became angry because, even if it was the free will of his wife to convert, there must be a law that protects the child and he...
Copts were angered due to the appearance of TV presenter Rashā Majdī on TV again on the occasion of covering the October 6 celebrations (the armed forces day). 
Karīmah Kāmil, journalist, stated that the third article of the constitution is a trap and despite this some people see it as in the interests of Copts.
Fr. Istafanous Shihātah priest of the Samalūt Diocese has opened the Church of Saint Karas in Ma’sarah, Minya.
Yāssir Farahāt, a Copt who lives in Qawsy District, Faiyum, has appealed for the help of the Minister of Interior and the National Security Apparatus.
Copts in Qawsiyah District, Assuit, have made an appeal to the Minister of Interior to save them from thugs who threaten and terrorize them.
Several intellectuals and politicians, during the time of the former president, Husnī Mubārak, who exclusively confined Coptic issues between the church leaders and the presidential institution, for bringing the Coptic dossier out of the security apparatus' control. Ramsīs al-Najjār, a Coptic...
Bishop Bola, the member of the Constituent Assembly representing the Coptic Orthodox Church, states that the Constitution represents the entire spectrum of Egyptians. He also added that it is a victory for the marginalized. He said that it has approved the right to issue a church-building law in...


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