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Security forces prevented Coptic worshipers from attending a mass prayer this morning in the village of Nazlit al-Nakhl in Abū Qurqās, Minya, on the pretext of fear of possible attacks by some extremists in the village.
Egypt Council of Churches (ECC) will start a week of prayer for the unity of the church on Saturday in the Evangelical Church of Heliopolis.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the first day of the Dutch Coptic Organization’s Annual Conference, in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The conference is titled “Modern Egypt Under the Shadow of the Contempt of Religions Law.” The conference will be attended by a selection of thinkers and...
An Egyptian initiative for human rights will be taking place in Cairo next Tuesday. Its main aim is to declare some facts regarding the violence against, and the forced displacement of the al-ʿArīsh Copts; the initiative is known as “The Declared Death”. 
 Egypt’s President al-Sīsī has just visited the Papal Headquarters in the Cathedral of St. Mark in ʿAbāsiyya, and was received by His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark.
Maj. Gen. Ahmad Saqr, Governor of Al-Gharbiya, had changed the name of the street in which the attacked church in Tanta is located, to “Shāre` al-Shūhadā' (The Martyrs' Street) in dedication to the Egyptian Christians who have died in the terror attack on Palm Sunday in the Mār Guirguis Church....
Pastor of the Nasr City Coptic Evangelical Church, Fr. `Ezzat Shāker, is to hold the annual charitable Īftār on June 6 on the occasion of the Muslim fasting Ramadan, which is expected to start on May 26 this year.
Legal counselor Hāni Sabri condemned the most recent attack of Muslim radicals on Coptic properties and homes in Manshiet Al-Naghamīsh village, located in the Sohāj Governorate of Egypt.
Kamāl Zākher sees a further problem, namely, the unified Building Law 119 that is not applicable to remote areas and villages, hence causing an obstacle to get a permit of church construction.
The United States of America's Embassy in Cairo was able to convince some Coptic figures and clerics to meet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Numerous dignitaries boycotted the meeting Clinton had during her visit to Egypt, in protest against U.S. support for the Muslim Brotherhood. While...


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