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A number of 43 human rights organizations handle a letter to the armed forces complaining of the deterioration of the situation in Egypt and the mounting acts of violent against Copts without referring any offender to court. The letter includes the acts of violence against Copts like the Atfih...
A Salafī's crime against a Coptic citizen of Qena caused fear of further application of hadds by salafists. The Coptic man, Ayman Nūr, was subjected to an attack by salafists who cut one of his ears off in what was considered an appropriate punishment for his crime.
Copts mourn the victims of Manshiyyat Nāsir's sectarian attacks in a funeral attended by several bishops.
Full title: "Five killed and more than fifty injured in the events of Copts in Manshiyyat Nāsir. Copts demanding quick intervention to save them from attacks by extremists." At 9 pm last night Muslims attacked Coptic homes in al-Muqattam. More than fifty Copts were injured and five were killed.  
 Nader Shukry reports on the release order issued for 19 detainees who were imprisoned following protests after the Naj‘ Hammādī incident. Defense lawyers, however, are pessimistic of a swift release in spite of the order.
 Nader Shukry reports on the holding of the Arbaeen mass in memory of those killed in the Naj‘ Hammādī incident, also mentioning protests around the world – including in Downtown Cairo – speaking out against sectarian violence.
Nader Shukry describes a recent art exhibition based around the theme of national unity. Entitled “I am Egyptian”, the exhibition featured artists’ responses to the threat of division, particularly in light of the recent events in Najc Hammādī. 
Watani International reporter Nader Shukry heads to Naj‘ Hammādī and gets caught up in the rioting which followed the shooting of six Copts. Shukry includes the change in the tone of Bishop Kyrillos statements which followed the visit to the bisphoric by Qena governor Magdi Ayyub, and also suggests...
Nādir Shukrī investigates a fire that took place in a church in a town in the Delta. The fire damaged the fans, the closed circuit TV monitors, the air conditioners, and the icons. The local bishop believes that the fire could have been intentional but he is still waiting for the report from the...
Shukrī looks at the recent government decision to slaughter all pigs in Egypt and the effects it will have on the garbage collectors who breed them.


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