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The High Committee of Legislative Reforms expressed its dissatisfaction with legislative amendments concerning education policies undertaken by the government without consultation with the Committee of Education. 
The Administrative Court, Education Section, headed by Counselor Hātim Salāh has reprimanded former head of Azhar university Dr. Usāmah al- ‘Abd and accused him of not applying the correct laws on the students of the Muslim Brotherhood
Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils Dr. Muhammad Mahsūb denied rumors about the state monitoring the church endowments in Egypt. He said that monitoring church endowments is not possible and he is hearing about this for the first time. This article has no link online.
Councilor Ahmed Shams has been responsible for some of the most significant rulings throughout the last 40 years in which he has been a member of the judiciary. The most recent of these ruling is Copts' right to second marriage, a matter with which Pope Shenouda III refuses to comply. Key Words:...
Legal bodies question Muslim women’s rights to wear the niqāb during university exams. 
Ranā Mamdūh reports on the lawsuit filed by Ra’ūf al-Najjār against President Mubārak.
This article explains the lawsuit filed by Coptic lawyers against President Mubārak and the Qena governor.
The author casts light on the issue of removing the religion field from the personal ID card and its effects on the civilian society.
The Administrative Court postpones the ruling in convert Muhammad Hijāzī’s lawsuit against the president to November 17.
Al-Dustūr reports on the recent decision taken by the court concerning Bahā’īs and Muslim converts to Christianity


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