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Comments on the ending of the legal criminal dimension of the Abu-Fana crisis
A sectarian clash took place in a village in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minia. A Coptic man has been killed and three others were injured. Church sources allegedly said the incident was not sectarian.
Clashes prevented between Muslims and Christians in Banī Mazār, al-Minyā.
The residents of Mallawī in Upper Egypt protested last week about a bridge over the Nile that is being near their villages but that does not yet have ramps that lead to their villagers. Local residents argue that they are being forced to use dangerous ferries to cross the Nile because of the lack...
The press reports on the reconciliation documents signed between the monks and the bedouins in Abū Fānā.
The Department of Civil Status starts issuing birth certificates carrying the village name of Abū Hinnis.
A report on the troubles caused by the Deir Abu-Hennes name change
Background on Deir Abu-Hennes
Watani recalls the clash between monks and bedouins at the Abu-Fana monastery in southern Egypt, and claims that injustice to the Christians has not been redressed.
Three conflicts were reported in Minia between Muslims and Christians.


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