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Lutis Kiwān and Sāmī Jād al-Haq report on Pope Shenouda’s visit to Minyā.
Lutis Kiwān and Sāmī Jād al-Haq report on sectarian incidents in Minyā University.
The author presents Dr. Mustafá al-Shak‘ah’s comments on being prosecuted for insulting Christianity, because of what he said in Sawt al-Ummah concerning Copts request to increase the number of churches.
Spokesman of the Catholic Church in Egypt, Father Rfīq Grech responded to the accusations of bribing Sudanese to convert to Christianity and explained that the Catholic Church offers aids on humanitarian bases regardless of people’s’ belonging, alluding to the numerous social services the Catholic...
The tribal structure of the Sudanese community in Egypt and the passiveness of the Egyptian security forces are the main reasons behind the increasing crimes committed by the Sudanese. Moreover, the author claims that the Catholic Church shelters theses Sudanese and offers them bribes to convert to...
As the ruling National Democratic Party has enrolled a number of Copts in its lists for the upcoming local councils elections in the southern governorate of Minia, the author believes it is a political exploitation of Copts within the party’s campaign.
An ex-police officer was reported as being dismissed because of his marriage to a former Christian woman who converted to Islam. He accused the church of contacting police authorities to force him to divorce his wife.
The following lines represent reactions of Muslim figures to the statistics that the Middle East Christian Association published about the numbers of mosques and churches in Egypt.
Ṣawt al-Ummah has obtained serious documents which confirm that the Coptic Orthodox Church is exploiting every election to participate in political life, which raises doubts about the church’s true intentions.
A group of unknown youth allegedly distributed anti-Muslim pamphlets in the metro and under doors. The church denounces the behavior and a Muslim dā‘iyah.


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