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While the court found two brothers, Rāmiz and Bīshūy Na‘īm, innocent of bloody clashes that took place in Minia between two Coptic families, security authorities refused to release them in an effort to force their family to reconcile with the other family involved in the dispute.
The cases of Christian conversions to Islām are now increasing which may lead to sectarian strife.
A dispute between a Muslim and a Coptic family over a strip of land is said to have caused sectarian sedition.
In an attempt to forestall Muslim-Christian clashes, state security intelligence forces have spread throughout the village of Birtibāt in al-Minyā governorate to protect Coptic residents while they build a church, Sāmī Jād al-Haqq says.
Different views of Christian thinkers about the emigrant Christians’ demands in Canada to prevent aid to the Egyptian government
Nearly 800 young Muslim preachers have been removed after passing the Ministry of Awqāf’s [endowments] test for imāms and preachers in 2005.


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