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The European Parliament said it is appalled by developments in Egypt over a constitutional declaration announced by President Muḥammad Mursī and inside the constituent assembly, adding the so-called declaration puts Mursī above the law. 
A senior judge, 'Abd al-Mu'iz Ibrāhīm, the chairman of the higher elections commission, said that citizenship is the only recognized rule, adding all citizens are equal with no discrimination on the basis of religion or language. Counselor Ibrāhīm, in an interview to al-Jumhūrīyah newspaper, said...
The upcoming parliamentary elections see the largest number of Coptic candidates since 1860, with 138 candidates in 29 governorates, causing them to go against each other in some districts. The article then goes on to list some of the candidates, the districts they are running for, and who they are...
This article reports on the high turnout of Copts who want to nominate themselves in the coming parliamentary elections on the lists of the National Democratic Party as well as opposition parties.
This article sheds light on the importance of the Copts’ participation in political life in society. They are part and parcel of the national tissue of society and should play an active positive role.
Al-Jumhūrīyah tries, through several articles, to respond to an important question: why are normal criminal incidents between Muslims and Christians described as sectarian?
Thousands of Egyptian Muslims clamored into tents set up at Abbasiya’s Youth Center on November 7 to find out if this year would be the chance to fulfill one of their most important religious obligations.
After moving against Egypt’s offshore press in 1998 by making them go through the prime minister’s office for approval, the government has turned its attention to the local press and is reminding them who’s boss by demanding payment of massive back taxes.
After being booted out of Al Azhar Medical College 11 years ago due to undergoing a sex change operation, Sally Mohammed Abdallah might be returning to classes there despite the prestigious university’s condemnation of her operation.
Cairo governorate this week celebrated the passage of 1,400 years of Islam in Egypt. The celebration was held in Amr Ibn Al As mosque amidst 10,000 worshippers participating in the ceremony. The district the mosque sits is one of the most ancient in the Islamic world. It witnessed the Islamic...


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