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The laymen held their fourth conference which only a small number of participants attended. The laymen called for establishing a “Supreme Council for the Church administration,” where laymen can play a role. The conference also tackled church and clergy related issues. On its part, the church,...
Pope Shenouda III celebrates the 55th anniversary of his monasticism.
A celebration was organized in the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Cairo on the occasion of Pope Shenouda’s 38th anniversary on the See of Saint Mark. In the same context, the Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church declared that there will be no change to the set of rules for choosing the...
Sectarian clashes erupt in a village in Minia when Muslims attack a house in the village that Christians are using for prayers.
A young Coptic man has sexually harassed a Muslim child who is 12 years old. Consequently, Muslims attacked Coptic businesses and tried to break into the police station to kill the young man.
Pope Shenouda was hailed in the press as the exceptional patriarch on the See of Saint Mark. The press highlighted his notable political stances, his political conflicts with former President al-Sādāt and his poetic talent and public charisma. The press further published lengthy interviews with...
Bishop Butrus has been assigned to Pope Shenouda’s secretarial team. Many newspapers considered the issue to be a step toward the removal of Bishop Yu’annis.
Muslim scholars have criticized what they call Westerners’ enmity against Islam in the light of the killing of Marwah al-Shirbīnī in Germany.
Marwah al-Shirbīnī has become an icon in Egypt. Official suggestions have been made to declare the day of her death an international day of tolerance, a street in Alexandria has been named after her and the German ambassador in Cairo ascribed the crime to the killer’s inferiority complex.
The Supreme State Security Attorney General starts questioning the detained in the case of the terrorist group uncovered in Cairo.


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