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Mona Abu Senna [Munā Abū Sanna]: Fighting corruption requires tackling the economy Mona Abu Senna: Political leadership is not solely responsible for high prices Mona Abu Senna: Economic measures are right so as to prevent the collapse of the state Murad Wehbe [Murād Wahiba] : Fundamentalism...
Dr. Muná Abū Sinnah writes about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin .
For the second consecutive week, Rose al-Yūsuf continues its campaign against the phenomenon of Niqāb-clad nurses in governmental hospitals. The magazine highlighted the stance of the Egyptian minister of health toward the issue.
Dr. Muná Abū Sinnah argues that the link between secularism and atheism is merely a folk belief intentionally spread by Islamic trends.
Dr. Muná Abū Sinnah discusses how developing education should begin.
This article explains that Egyptian intellectuals can not carry out their mission to free people’s minds from control due to fear of the state and of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author comments on the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over the political and social life in Egypt.
After her invention of the term “the kitchen mentality,” Dr. Muná Abū Sunnah discusses the dependent condition of women and calls on women to stop believing in four main illusions that turn women from an independent human being to mere means in the lives of men.
The author of the article, Dr. Muná Abū Sinná, explains the reasons behind the backwardness of the Muslim world. According to Dr. Abū Sinná, Muslims’ rejection of logic and reason for finding the meanings of religious texts is one of the major reasons behind this backwardness.
The author deals with the hijab as a new identity for Muslims, instead of playing a social role, listing some factors that led to this change.


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