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Muhsin Rādī, a Muslim Brotherhood member, said that the coming phase will witness art work by the MB because the group believe in art and its influence on feelings.
The author discusses marriages between Muslims and Christians, drawing on the opinions of sociologists and psychologists as to why people are falling in love across religious lines and why this seems to be such a problem in Egyptian society.
Egyptian state security forces arrested nine religious talk show hosts affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood over accusations that they were plotting to incite people against the regime.
The State Security Prosecution accuses two professors at the Suez Canal and the Azhar universities of manufacturing a plane without a pilot.
The unbelievable amount of lawsuits and appeals filed or lodged against the Egyptian president and the government would ensure that it would not be an exaggeration to say that Egypt as a whole is in court.
Last Sunday the Cairo Criminal Court annulled the decision of the Supreme State Security Prosecution that placed al-‘Iryān under house arrest, and upheld the decision for his release.
The authors held an interview with the father of Muhammad al- Amīr ‘Atā who piloted one the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center. The father had previously refused to talk with any reporter.
The Brotherhood’s leading members believe that the latest crackdown by the government on the group aims at stopping their mission of reform.
Brotherhood members believe that Mubārak was once a member of their group and another member affirms that Mubārak’s uncle was a member of the Brotherhood.
The Egyptian authorities have started a large-scale arrest campaign against members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but the reasons for the detentions remain unclear to most observers.
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