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A number of Copts launched a campaign entitled "Coptic Pope Shenouda III does not represent us politically," which aims to get out of the church's political influence and the return of the church to be only a religious institution.
Coptic activists and Youths Union of Maspero called for a rally on Friday, April 15th in memory of the 40th day marking Muqattam martyrs who died during the incidents in Manshiyyat Nāsir.  
Some Salafists elements have attempted to appease the intimidated public opinion from Salafists threats to apply hadd and kidnap women who are wearing makeup. Despite these assertions, some Copts' lawyers accused certain salafists elements of terrorizing Copts in Dayr Mawwās, Minya governorate, who...
A group of expatriate Copts affirmed during a meeting with caretaker Prime Minister 'Isām Sharaf on March 12 their keenness on interacting politically and socio-economically and backing Egypt in this "critical stage."
Some experts, politicians and Copts, condemn the conversion of an emotional crisis between a boy and a girl into a sectarian fight between Copts and Muslims. They are calling to stop talking about sectarian tensions in light of the 'Ātfīh church incidents in order not to stop the wheel of change....
The America Coptic Union has called on Coptic people to stage a sit-in at the Coptic Cathedral al-‘Abbāsiyyah / Cairo until the bishops and priests who were arbitrarily suspended, are restored, and Pope Shenouda goes.
  In an escalating protesting from banned Muslim Brotherhood group against the parliament elections results, approximately a thousand of its members protested Sunday December 12, 2010 in front of the high court claiming a 'rigged' elections.   MB raised Mushafs and kept chanting "God Almighty..God...
A call to visit Old Cairo to highlight the coexistence of the three heavenly religions in Egypt.
Kamāl Zākhir, general coordinator of the Coptic Secular Front, denies that he called for submitting the church budget to the Central Auditory Agency.
While many voices have risen calling for the withdrawal of the State Award bestowed on Sayyid al-Qimnī, humanitarian organizations and activists have called for defending al-Qimnī and avoiding the repetition of what had happened with Dr. Faraj Fūdah, who was assassinated


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