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Egypt is passing through an ocean of ignorance and a dark stage of its history but Copts are the salt of the earth and life would never be the same if they emigrated outside their homeland to be strangers in another country.
Ramzī Zaqlamah discusses whether determining the specific number of Copts in Egypt is important. He says an accurate number does not exist because Copts tend to over-count and Muslims usually tend to under-count, wrongfully linking population numbers with rights and duties towards the nation. He...
Ramzī Zaqlamah bemoans the sectarian nature of life in Egypt. He calls on the government to treat the troubles spreading in the Egyptian society before it is too late.
Ramzī Zaqlamah comments on the concept of citizenship and what it should mean to all Egyptians.
The article confirms that Egyptians will never forget those criminals who killed our prisoners of war.
Muslims and Christians are brothers in citizenship. He calls on Copts to wake up and discard passiveness to lead an active and instructive role for the good of Egypt together with their Muslim brothers.
Ramzī Zalqamah highlights the danger of anarchy and ideological and religious divisions in the Middle East, asserting that national unity and civil governments are the only way to live in peace in the region.
The author discusses failures in Egypt to ensure full citizenship rights for women, children, the elderly and the Copts. He notes that a conference, to be held in December, will address issues of citizenship.
Egyptians are no longer peaceful people, is the idea that Ramzī Zaqlama is explaining in his column in Al- Wafd. He attended a lecture at the cathedral were it was discussed along with Copts problems.
The author deals in this article with citizenship and Muslim- Christian relations in Egypt.


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