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International and local media have pursued the spiritual phenomena of the apparition of the Madonna in Assiut, where more than 10,000 Muslims and Christians have gathered to witness the miracle, which started on August 17th.
Regarding the luminous apparitions that appeared between the domes of the Mar Morqos cathedral in Assiut, "Watani", accompanied by Father Mina Hanna, went to the site of these events. They saw the crowds of people, who came from everywhere, hoping to be blessed by watching the Virgin Mary.
Subtitle: Not all the money in the world would compensate for the souls that have been lost [the victims].. and who will compensate for the property and the houses that have been damaged? In this article, the author is trying to prove that heavenly justice precedes judicial justice. He then...
Last week, the committee for following-up the restoration works of the antique churches continued their meetings at the location of the Supreme Council for Antiquities in the Bahri area. The names of those on the committee are given and an overview of the current work being done on Red Sea...
Several places where the Holy Family stayed on its route through our country did not get much media attention. Among these places are the mountains of Ansena and that of Assiut where the caves occupied by the Holy Family were later occupied by monks. Again later monasteries and churches were built...
A police report shows the driver of the truck was responsible for the accident because he drove on the left side of the road.
The Endowments Joint Committee that consists of representatives of the Egyptian-Coptic Endowment Authority has held a number of meetings and decided to return to the church a number of Coptic endowments that had been confiscated.
Suspicions arise about, Sat Seven, a Christian religious satellite Channel that broadcasts to the Middle East from Cyprus.
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