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Ragab was shocked reading an article in the Washington Post attacking the court which sentenced Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Ragab called the writer ‘unfair.´ More upsetting was that the writer argued that the court ruling did not conform with the $2 billion which represents the annual US aid to...
The author expressed the opinion that President Mubarak and Pope Shenouda did not discuss, in their recent meeting, the issue of the status of Copts in Egypt or that of sectarian strife but just discussed the general problems of the country.
The Muslim people yesterday marked the mid-Sha’ban Night (Sha’ban being one of the 12 months of the Hijra calendar). However, some people believe that the mid-Sha’ban Night ceremony is bed’aa (a religious ceremony not practiced or recommended by Prophet Mohammed).
The British government has no clear policy against terrorism and terrorists. Sometimes, it appeases these serial murderers and at other times it hunts them down. In most cases, it acts at the behest of the US.
Is President Clinton capable of achieving what he demanded yesterday? He gave a severe warning to President Milosevic, saying the latter should comply with all NATO conditions or he would lose Kosovo. In short, the allied forces will occupy, if not the entire country, then at least the trouble...
Christina Lamb wrote her article without having been in Egypt since 1988. Her husband is actively involved with the Jewish lobby in the USA.
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