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For decades black children in South Africa have been denied the right to education under apartheid. With the removal of the racial segregation system, an Islamic organization is now helping poor students to attend university free of charge.
An Islamic organization is helping poor South African students to attend university free of charge. It is expected most of them will convert to Islam. The ratio of blacks coming to Islam compared to whites with the same effort is one to 200.
American Muslims who fear Islam is being politicized as well as affected by differences between Muslim countries say they want to be left alone to focus on the formidable challenges ahead.
The conflict in the Balkans, in which Muslims are the victims, is fueling anti-Muslim feelings among European nationalists and extremists who, out of fear and ignorance, continue to portray Islam as a threat to Western culture. If such trend is left unchallenged, warns a French professor, it could...
The Saudi government build the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles, California, at a cost of $8.1 million.
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