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A new paper [al-Watan] said it quoted the American organization Pew as saying that Coptic population is 4.3 million and the paper claimed that it contacted Pew to confirm the figure but it said that it relied on the numbers provided by the Egyptian statistical organization in 2006, writes Mājid '...
Cornelis Hulsman was impressed by two articles of Maged Atiya [Mājid ʿAṭiyya], a Coptic Orthodox American who was born and raised in Egypt before migrating to the USA. Maged Atiya writes about the impact of Coptic migrants to the USA on Egypt. They remained politically involved but often with an...
Under the title Documented, Accurate Figure – Census of Copts is 18.565.484 million, Mājid 'Attīyah writes in a column in Watanī newspaper of January 15 that Dr. Tharwat Basīlī has said he has a documented, accurate figure of the Coptic population in Egypt and that he challenges anyone who would...
Mājid ‘Attīya, in his article in Watanī weekly newspaper, wonders whether the newly established index, namely the “Stoxx Europe Christian Index” is Christian or moral
Mājid ‘Atīyah writes about al-Sharīf and Surūr’s rejection of the designation of a quota for Christians in the Shūrá Council and the People’s Assembly.
The author reflects on the Iraqi suggestion to raise the percentage of minorities’ representation in the Iraqi Parliament, alluding to the suggestions to create a Coptic quota in the Egyptian Parliament.
Reviewer: Nuhayr ‘IsmatMājid ‘Atīyah gives a brief history of eminent Christian figures whose villages are named after them.
Cultural centers in Egypt publish books that promote feelings of ftnah among Muslims and Christians.
The author rejects the idea of Islamizing the United Bank of Egypt, fearing that it could simply be a further step in forcing the rules of an Islamic economy onto the banking sector in Egypt.
While Zionist organizations accuse Pope Shenouda III of anti-Semitism, Muḥammad ‘Imārah accuses him of sparking sectarian sedition. The author of the following lines wonders if the simultaneous attacks were coincidental.


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