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The article discusses the conference on religious dialogue which is intended to stress the peaceful co-existence of religions.
At the dawn of Islam Muslims continued to practice certain pre-Islamic conventions such as the Hajj however they removed the pagan element from these customs.
Egypt’s endowments minister, Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, discussed the respect Islam has for the other at the World Religious Leaders Conference held in Kazakhstan.
The conference has produced the Cairo Declaration in which all the scholars have agreed on the necessity of reviving the Islamic legacy and of working hard in order to restore the Islamic nation to its previous state. The conference is also demanding from Muslim scholars and religious leaders that...
The general conference ended its sessions yesterday with 7 key recommendations.
The 11th Islamic International Conference finished its work yesterday. In the final session, the conference called for the achievement of the Islamic cultural project. Dr. Suleiman Damrah, the dean of the Islamic College in Rotterdam, Holland, confirmed that there is a great need for propagandists...
The 11th conference of the High Council for the Islamic Affairs continues its sessions. Dr. Hamdi Zaqzouq, the Minister of Waqfs, said that the Muslims are invited to share in the aims of politicians and scientists in working towards a better world.
President Hosni Mobarak delivered a speech in the opening of The Tenth Conference of the Higher Council for Islamic Affairs including the situation regarding the peace process, and the Islamic nation’s obligation towards the holy sites in Jerusalem and the Muslim minorities throughout the world.
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