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The new pope, while exiting the papal office to the Cathedral for his enthronement as the 118th patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, could not control himself and wept with joy.
The article introduces the character of Bishop Bīshūy.
The author reports on Bishop Butrus becoming Pope Shenouda III’s first secretary, and provides a background of Bishop Butrus’ earlier activities in the church.
The following lines summarize an interview with Bishop Bīshūy, secretary general of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Hot relevant issues were discussed.
Pope Shenouda has announced that the Coptic Orthodox Church does not recognize Christians’ civil marriages.
Different icons reflect the different cultures in which they were depicted. The Coptic icons present Jesus with a big oval face and wide eyes that reflect a strong look.
Pope Shenouda decided to prevent priests from using mobiles while inside a monastery which is a place for worship only.
Pope Shenouda III isolated Father Benyamin, former bishop of the holy Virgin and Saint Athanasius Church in Cyprus due to alleged financial corruption. The Coptic Orthodox community there complained to Pope Shenouda and called for their isolated bishop to be reinstated.
The Greek Orthodox Church sold its church in Rosetta to Counselor Muhammad Mustafà Kāmil Tīrānā, however shop owners on the land say that the church did not have the right to sell it.
Muná al-Mallākh reports on the opinions of Coptic clergy and laymen to the newly-proposed amendments of the panel to elect the pope.


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