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This article mentions some aspects of the National Democratic Party (NDP) against the Muslim Brotherhood in the Shūrá elections.
This article addresses the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, bringing to light the desire from the Coptic minority for full social inclusion and accessibility to more opportunities that should be initiated by the Egyptian government.
The authors criticize the head of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm for claiming that he is a human rights activist in Egypt, when he has noticeably been adopting different political approaches to suit his personal interests.
The article talks about the different types of rumors and reasons for the phenomenon of rumors in Egyptian society.
The Cairo Personal Status Court refused to hear the first case of khula? filed by a Christian wife. The court based its judgment on the on the commandment of the Bible that the wife should not be separated from her husband except for marital unfaithfulness. Lawyers of other Coptic wives asking...
This article says that the agreement reached between Sāmih ‘āshūr’s supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood is only temporary, because the Brotherhood is unable to manage the bloc by itself.
In his article, Ahmad Ayyoub discusses the upcoming session of the judges trial, the surrounding circumstances and the possible scenarios of the trial.
Claims about Muslim Brotherhood members in the Bar Association using the syndicate’s money to their benefit.
The article is an interview with Saad Eddin Ibrahim over the news that the US has allocated to his Ibn Khaldoun Center $2 million, cut from the American aid to Egypt and his recent visit to the US. He also commented on the latest speech of the American president, especially his words about...
The article is an interview with Sheikh Nabawi Al-Eish, who gave the controversial fatwa that incriminated dealing with the Iraqi transitional ruling council. The fatwa is reportedly rejected by the American Embassy in Egypt.


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