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The congregation of St. George’s Memorial Church, the Anglican church in Baghdad fears the loss of its entire lay leadership.
Nearly 40,000 Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Syria are unlikely to return home any time soon, despite the recent national elections. Lack of safety is their biggest concern.
After Dale Gavlak and Cornelis Hulsman interviewed the governor of Qalyubiya they interviewed H.G. Bishop Marcos and asked him to respond to all the issues raised by the governor.
The governor gave his point of view on the problems with the church service building in Shubra el-Kheima. He beliefs the problems lies primarily with the lack of required licenses. The destroyed building will, however, be rebuild because " That is the order of the President." The governor also...
The information in this text is based on interviews Ms. Gavlak and Cornelis Hulsman made together with governor Adli Hussein and Bishop Marcos in March 2001 and the documents they provided. The article gives a background of the problems until around April 1.
Iraqi Catholics, hoping for relief from sanctions, look forward to a proposed visit by Pope John Paul II. If there’s any hope among Iraqi Christians that things could take a turn for the better, it’s pinned on an upcoming visit by Pope John Paul II.
The Abu Serga Church in Old Cairo is plagued with an overflow of unwanted underground water. Fortunately, Abu Serga Church is one of seven Holy Family sites selected for restoration by the newly-formed National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association.
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