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Well-known Muslim dā‘īya, Khālid al-Jindī, has said that exporting goods from Egypt to Israel is harām [unlawful according to Islamic sharī‘a].
Recently, a report aimed at re-shaping Islamic liberal ideology, was released. This important report titled “Civil Democratic Islam… Partners, Resources, and Strategies” was made by Cheryl Benard who works in the National Security Research Division of Rand Organization. The most sensible reaction [...
Islamist sheikh Gamal Qutb condemned Naguib Mahfouz and Nasr Abu Zeid and declared their thoughts contradictory to Islam. He criticized the use of their books in universities. Sheikh Qutb anticipated that Islam will predominate in America and Europe soon.
Sheikh Al-Qaradawi discussed the opinions of Dr. Mustafa. He agreed with him in some of his opinions, but he disagreed with him in most of them. At the end of his discussion, he asked Dr. Mustafa to discuss his opinion with Muslim scholars and he will surely change his opinion.
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