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The article discusses the issue of international terrorist groups working in Egypt and provides information on the group, its leaders and its policies.
The author discusses citizenship rights in Egypt exposing the opinions of various Egyptian prominent figures during a seminar held by the High Council for Culture.
Tarek Radwan writes about the past three unsuccessful attempts to "overthrow" the party’s leader and form a new administration. Then he recounts the three interviews he conducted with key personnel in the party, namely Hamdi Ahmed, Ahmed Idris, and Ahmed Ibrahim Shoukry.
They are a new group of sexually disordered new extremists; all the previous extremists had vague explanation’s to their terrible crimes against the country and innocent citizens. They believe that marriage without officially certified contracts is acceptable, and that recording names of children...
Last week, the British authorities arrested two Islamist militants who escaped from Egypt. They are Adel Abd Al-Mageid and Ibrahim Abd Al-Hadi. These terrorists were arrested after the American authorities presented evidence which proves that they were involved in bombing the American embassies in...
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